The hacking news is a security blog where you can find the latest information regarding information technology news.

We are a team of young website developers and passionate security researchers. We write about programming, technology and security.

On the hacking news website you can find the latest breaking news related to the security zone, to the hackers zone.

Hacking news it’s all about hacking and that’s why here you will find information regarding: hacking news, security news, surveillance, zero day, bitcoins, hacking movies and documentaries about hackers, malware and viruses, vulnerability news, cyber crime and cyber attacks, news about NSA ( National Security Agency ), defacements, hacking groups like Anonymous, Lulzsec, Syrian Electronic Army, news about xss (cross-site scripting), csrf (cross site request forgery) and many more.

Starting from 2015 we will write also code and programming news. Hackingnews website will bring you better security articles, we are working on improving our english skills every day, and we are multiplying our news feeds. You should expect to find on the hacking news blog better documented articles.

It’s nothing personal, it’s just hacking, it’s The Hacking News blog.

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